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We are open for 48 weeks of the year, to families in the Feltham area, and we look forward to meeting you and your little ones!

St Albans Day Nursery

Open from 07:30 – 18:00

At St. Albans, we believe that every child is unique, with their own interests and ways of learning. Our mission is to work in close partnership with parents to nurture these individual traits, ensuring that our nursery is not just a place for childcare but a sanctuary of learning and exploration. Our ethos revolves around providing a welcoming, nurturing environment where children feel safe, valued, and inspired to explore the world around them.

Our day nursery has been thoughtfully designed to offer a range of stimulating, engaging spaces that cater to the diverse needs of children at different stages of their development. From our sensory rooms to outdoor play areas, each space at St. Albans is created to spark curiosity, foster learning, and encourage physical activity.

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Our Curriculum

At the heart of St. Albans Day Nursery is a holistic curriculum that blends educational excellence with play-based learning. Our approach is informed by the latest research in early years education, ensuring that your child receives a balanced and comprehensive foundation for their future learning. Activities are tailored to support the development of key skills such as communication, social interaction, creativity, and problem-solving.

Our dedicated team of practitioners is what truly sets St. Albans apart. Each member of our staff is fully qualified and has a passion for early years education, bringing warmth, expertise, and enthusiasm to their roles. Regular training and development opportunities ensure that our team stays at the forefront of childcare best practices, all while fostering a deep sense of care and connection with each child.

Bogdan Butnariu
Bogdan Butnariu
9 November 2022
Wonderful place ,staff very professionals ,outstanding director ,always helpful .Razvan is very happy with everything here and as a parent this the most important thing for me. Highly recommend
Jenade Cedras
Jenade Cedras
16 July 2022
First child so was a little apprehensive about sending her into others care; but had an amazing opportunity to start a new role so had chosen to send her here. Best decision!! She is flourishing in this setting! The Ladies are always so welcoming and full of energy every drop of welcoming with lots of love even on those hard mornings. They always staying relevant with seasonal activities and keep open lines of communication via app. Just under a year of joining and I for sure believe this is an amazing establishment. Thank you ladies for all your support!
Maria Dacunha
Maria Dacunha
23 February 2022
I must thank all the staff members for keeping a smile on my Child’s face, my daughter has progressed somuch more after joining the nursery and I can’t wait to see her get ready and all excited. Thank you Ekta and Ivelina- Managers, for being so humble and down to earth and all the other staff members who work so hard to keep us updated on our Childs progress because of the encouragement on education play rather than simply providing childcare. To mention, It was based on the reviews from other sites and social media, I got my daughter to St. Albans Nursery and Ivelina helped me get through. Thank you and God bless you all for the work you do.
Mrs_ Nursey
Mrs_ Nursey
14 February 2022
My little one goes to St Albans nursery.Actually He is my second child who is attending St Albans in a row.All the lovely ladies who works there are pretty much like part of our family now cause We have been seeing them all for couple of years now. Every single day we get a warm greeting with a smile at the front door.All the ladies are always cheerful and excited to take my son under their care.My little one gets very excited when he approaches the gate and that’s the sign that he absolutely loves being in his nursery.He is looked after extremely well and I feel reassured at all time as a mother. Ekta the manger-all I wanna say is that we are so privileged to know you.She is super flexible to accommodate our needs at any time.She is so approachable and always there to guide/advice us if any concern. St Albans nursery has always put our childrens needs and safety as a paramount.Once my son leaves st.Albans, he will surely miss all of you but we will forever reminisce St Albans in our heart for many many more years to come.Thank you for all your love and care that you have continued to provide for my boys.we are ever so grateful ????
Weronika Jarczewska
Weronika Jarczewska
16 September 2021
My daughter goes to this nursery and absolutely loves it! So do I. I’m so glad I have chosen this nursery! everyday I get updated what she’s learning & fun activities my daughter is doing! Each time she is excited to go to nursery and comes back with a massive smile on her face ! She’s so excited to see her little friends and especially the staff. They are incredibly lovely , friendly and amazing I couldn’t be more happier. Each time I need extra time there’s no problem at all. Amazing support and always so helpful! :) From the start I felt so comfortable leaving my daughter at St Albans Nursery as I knew she would be in great hands! Thank you for amazing staff & managers you doing a great job! Thank you so much!
Prema S
Prema S
12 June 2020
My elder son been to this nursery when he was young and he is 7 now. We really missed the nursery and all the staff works there especially Ekta who managed the nursery. She is such a lovely lady. St Alban is definately highly recommended nursery as I have good memories to think about this nursery. If you are parents who's looking for a nursery which has kids friendly staff, great communication with parents about your child, kids safety and health is given priority. Then you are definately at the right nursery.
David Turner
David Turner
3 February 2020
Our son goes to St Albans nursery and we have nothing but only praises for this nursery and their fabulous staffs.He absolutely loves being there.He is always so happy and cheerful when we go and pick him up and his confidence has build up so much since he joined this nursery.All the ladies looking after him are a pure gems.They are so easy to talk to at any given time,very approachable and We feel so at ease communicating with them at any time regarding any issues.Be it home owner,manager or deputy manager they are there to listen to any of your concerns,issues and help you in any way,shape or form.They are very accommodating to our every needs.if there is any concern or worries they are there to listen and work with you to bring the best result for our son.overall this nursery should get a lot of credit for what they offer to the kids they are looking after !! Thank you all the ladies and management team for looking after our son so well and We much appreciate that from bottom of our heart:-)